About Meosha


Born: March 22 Gainesville, FL

Meosha Bean is a award winning director,actress. She won her award at the 2011 New Jersey film festival. She won for upcoming director award.

Early Life

Started filming at the tender age of 7 years old.  After attending acting and modeling school in 2009-2010 in Jacksonville Fl. Meosha went on to make feature films,music videos and promotional work. Meosha is the owner of M.V.B Films which was established in 2003 with the help of her parents. (Meosha Valencia Bean Films) Her love for horror films started 11 years ago. During the summer of 2005. Meosha and her mother would go to the library to rent movies and books.She stumbled upon Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Which was a series of short stories covering elements of crime, horror, drama and comedy about people of different species committing murders, suicides etc. After watching hours of his shorts, She was inspired to make horror short films.

She has done over a dozen projects. To list a few, Absence Mind 2011. Miss Pepper short film 2014, which is starred and directed by Meosha Bean. The Ghost – Horror Short Film shot in 2010. Some parts of in Transylvania. An Experimental horror film by Chip Popica & Meosha Bean.  Dark Rises – Horror Short Movie . Which has over 84,000 plus views on youtube and other sites. One of her most popular short films on youtube,called End Of Days 2010. An experimental film, which gained 1 million plus views.



Too Close to Home (2012) a crime documentary based on true events. Which was featured on local TV in Trenton Fl. It can be found on amazon.com and a indie-reign online. Among the list of talented people she has worked with legendary pro boxer Roy Jones Jr. Superstar singer Keyshia Cole. Appearance in her music video New Nu. Designer and artist Ron Bass who has made clothes worn by Beyonce and Jay Z. Music sensation Chris Brown. The king of rock Billy Idol and many more.

Feature Films

She has a few project coming out this year. 7 Magpies an all black women horror anthology,from the creator L.C Cruell. With an amazing cast and crew. Set to begin this year. Awesome feature called Stolen Breath directed by Mark E Ridley comes a very dramatic powerful film about forgiveness. All star talented cast and set to release later in the year. Bluest Moon a feature film written by Lakrishi Kindred, comes a exciting drama which is in production now. Set to release later on in the year 2017.

Music Videos 

Meosha has produced/filmed many music videos. To name a few V. Aka Vizzle an awesome artist out of London. Deserted- V. Aka Vizzle [Official Music Video]. “Lord Forgive Me” – CremRo [OFFICIAL VIDEO] which has over 30,000 plus views. The amazing pro boxer, Roy Jones Jr,music video Roy Jones Jr – Rocky Balboa Official Music Video. Over 309,305 views on youtube along. Also appeared in Keyshia Cole music video. The amazing Billy Idol.








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